Whales 24 October, 2009   2 comments

With only a week to go till the end of the whale season, the whales are still out there but are more interested in getting back to Antarctica than entertaining us.

Today was my last day for the season as I am heading off to Canada in a couple of days to see the Polar Bears in Churchill.

I was really hoping for an exciting morning and even managed to talk my 20 year old son to come out for the morning. Unfortunately the most the whales offered us, was short down times and lots of flukes.





The scar marks on this fluke are most probably the result of an Orca attack.


Oct 240
Oct 241
Oct 242
Oct 243
Oct 244
Oct 245
Oct 246
Oct 247
Oct 248
Oct 249
Oct 2410
Oct 2411
Oct 2412
Oct 2413
Oct 2414
Oct 2415
Oct 2416
Oct 2417
Oct 2418
Oct 2419
Oct 2420

I wish every one who has followed my whale site this season a very safe and happy ending to the year and I look forward to bringing more stories and photos to you in 2010.

The season starts on June 1st.


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2 responses to “Whales 24 October, 2009

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  1. How wonderful that you were able to share your last Whale Watching day with your son. Have a safe trip to Canada and I look forward to seeing your beautiful pics of the Polar Bears. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Whale photos …

  2. I will miss your Whale photo\’s Sandra.

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