Whales 14 October, 2009   2 comments

Great day on the water in spite of the howling wind, choppy conditions and another dust storm on the way. You will see from my photos what the conditions were like. Holding my camera with such a long lens in the strong winds is very difficult and there was moments I wanted to give up but I persisted.


We saw a lot of blows today and we passed a number of pods that were doing very little, till we came across a slightly more active pod. This pod consisted of 6 whales. It appeared that a pod of 4 and a pod of 2 had come together.


There was a few lunges most probably a male telling another male to get out of the way, the lady was his.



Then we discovered one of the whales had only half a fluke. Looking at the markings on the fluke, one would think that the whale may have been born this way but I will leave it to the researchers  to make the final conclusion.


I tried desperately to get 6 whales in a photo but the most I could do is 4.


I know there is a lot of photos in my album from today but there was some good moments, a little activity and sheer magic to watch 6 whales together.


I hope you can get the feel of the day from my photos.





Oct 140
Oct 141
Oct 142
Oct 143
Oct 146
Oct 147
Oct 148
Oct 1410
Oct 1411
Oct 1413
Oct 1415
Oct 1417
Oct 1418
Oct 1420
Oct 1421
Oct 1422
Oct 1423
Oct 1425
Oct 1426
Oct 1428
Oct 1430
Oct 1431
Oct 1432
Oct 1433
Oct 1434

Oct 1442
Oct 1443
Oct 1444
Oct 1447
Oct 1448
Oct 1449
Oct 1450
Oct 1451
Oct 1452
Oct 1454
Oct 1455
Oct 1456
Oct 1457
Oct 1459
Oct 1462
Oct 1464
Oct 1465
Oct 1467
Oct 1471
Oct 1472
Oct 1474
Oct 1476
Oct 1477 


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2 responses to “Whales 14 October, 2009

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  1. Wow! I watched Spirit go out on the webcam but it didn\’t look like it was so windy and choppy. The photos are great!

  2. This sure is wow. What a great day you had.

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