Whales 8 October, 2009   1 comment

This morning while we were out whale watching, Vanuatu was rocked by the 3 major earthquakes, which resulted in a Tsunami warning across the East Coast of Australia. Now some of you who read this may disagree with me, while there are others who won’t. We experienced one of the quietest days we have had on the water this year and I believe the whales must have felt or experienced in some way, the movement under the ocean.

As we left the seaway we saw a young calf breeching but as it was in the 3 mile zone off the beach, we as a commercial whale watching business, cannot stop to whale watch. As we passed it by, I captured a few shots.






From there on, it didn’t improve. We couldn’t find whales anywhere and when we did, their down time was counted at 18 minutes, so when they resurfaced and the boat had finally caught up with them, they had dived deep again leaving us once again on our own. The other two whale watching boats were in the same situation and ended up in the same area as us trying to keep tabs on this mature pod of 2.

These were the only photos I could capture and I was most probably the only person on board Spirit to get these few.






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  1. I believe the animals, both on land and sea, know when disaster is about to strike. I think that was proven when the elephants ran from beach during the Tsunami that struck Sri Lanka a couple of years ago. Wonderful pics!

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