Whales 7 October, 2009   2 comments

Mums and calves are predominantly what we are seeing at present and what a joy it is.

Most of the time it is calf’s born this season but we are also seeing calf’s, possibly from last years births. Calves stay with their mums for 2 years.

Today’s  calf that we spent much of the morning with, both at the beginning and end of our trip, was from last year or even the year before. It looked to us that the mother and calf had both been hit by a boat, as you will see from the dorsal area.

Mother’s dorsal


and calf’s dorsal


Taking photos of the whales is not just about capturing beautiful images of these creatures but gathering as much information from these photos for researchers.

I just love to watch these young calf’s rolling all over the water.





And learning what their bodies can do.



Oct 746
Oct 745
Oct 744
Oct 743
Oct 742
Oct 738
Oct 739
Oct 740
Oct 741
Oct 733
Oct 732
Oct 730
Oct 729
Oct 725
Oct 724
Oct 722
Oct 719
Oct 718
Oct 717
Oct 710
Oct 79
Oct 714
Oct 713
Oct 77
Oct 75
Oct 73
Oct 72
Oct 71
Oct 70


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2 responses to “Whales 7 October, 2009

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  1. It\’s amazing what they can do with their bodies. It\’s so sad so many Whales are hit by a boat.

  2. Wonderful update. I\’m glad the boat didn\’t do too much damage.

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