Whales 6 October, 2009   3 comments

It is hard to believe just how many whales we are seeing at the moment. Before we had reached 1.5 miles off the shore, we had seen 5 pods of whales and more in the distance.

We spent most of the morning with a mother and her calf. The calf appeared to have it’s mum swimming all over the ocean. It was very curious and the mother was giving it some free reign but keeping a close eye on the little tyke from just beneath the surface.

Watching the calf of less than a couple of months of age, launch itself clear of the water had everyone oooing and arrrring.








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Oct 614

Tomorrow the swell and the wind are suppose to pick up so I wonder what the whales will have in store for us.


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3 responses to “Whales 6 October, 2009

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  1. Wonderful update and terrific pics!

  2. Gorgeous photo\’s Sandra.

  3. Sandra, you have so wonderfully captured this baby\’s pure joy of being alive!! Thanks for putting a big big smile on my face.

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