Whales 1 October, 2009   1 comment

Wow…………….what a day we had on the water today.

First it was a mother and her calf on the 3 mile fence line, then we moved on to a pod of 4 whales that were showing us some lovely flukes and one of the pod spent a great deal of time on its back, lifting its pectoral fins out of the water, possibly to cool down.


They was pods everywhere, it was truly a magnificent sight. Everywhere we looked we could see blows and activity. It wasn’t as calm as it had been the last couple of days on the water so whether this had anything to do with the whales being more active, we will most probably never know.


A breech not too far away caught our attention just as we were about to head back to shore so skipper did a little detour out to get a closer look. Dolphins were swimming around the boat when one of the whales launched itself out of the water, baring a beautiful black belly. Of course no-one caught it on camera but witnessing it without being behind a lens is sometimes better. This pod of two proceeded to put an the most spectacular tail slapping show I think I have seen. From what I can see in my photos, it appears we had a pod of 2 females.




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  1. Terrific update!

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