Whales 30 September, 2009   1 comment

We are seeing so many whales at present that each day blends into each other and it is very hard to remember which whales were doing what and on what day. After a fantastic day on the water today, it is truly difficult for me to remember what happened yesterday. Looking at my photos helps to jog my memory.

We stayed with  a pod of 5 whales for much of the morning. One of the whales spent a great deal of time on his or her back while the others, possibly males, swam close by.





Sept 300
Sept 301
Sept 302
Sept 303
Sept 304
Sept 305
Sept 306
Sept 307
Sept 308
Sept 309
Sept 3010
Sept 3011
Sept 3012
Sept 3013
Sept 3014
Sept 3015
Sept 3016
Sept 3017
Sept 3018
Sept 3019
Sept 3020
Sept 3021
Sept 3022
Sept 3023
Sept 3024
Sept 3025
Sept 3026
Sept 3027
Sept 3028
Sept 3029
Sept 3030
Sept 3031
Sept 3032
Sept 3033
Sept 3034
Sept 3035
Sept 3036
Sept 3037
Sept 3038
Sept 3039
Sept 3040
Sept 3041
Sept 3042
Sept 3043

And this little calf, that we only saw in the distance, looked like he had just discovered he had a tail. It was swinging it around like a lasso and slamming it down on the surface. Very cute to watch.



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  1. Wonderful update!

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