Whales 9 September, 2009   1 comment

As predicted, it was picture perfect on the water today.  We found a couple of pods of whales north of the seaway and all heading in a northerly direction at no great speed.  My first photo of the day was a whale swimming straight for the boat.


Of course skipper cut the engine while the whale decided which way he was going.


There was a period where all whales seemed to come together. There was no aggression, no courting, they all seemed happy to greet one another and then they parted ways, never to far from one another though.




Just as we were about to turn around and head for home, a juvenile that was seen breaching a couple of times, most probably communicating with these pods, appeared briefly beside the boat.


It is always good to end a morning on the water on a high note.


I wonder what tomorrow will bring as conditions are suppose to continue like today.


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  1. Terrific update!

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