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Today I had the pleasure of finally meeting the lady that I send all my fluke photos too. It is the one thing that I am able to contribute into the research of the Humpback whales.

It was a little choppy on the water today and this in itself appeared to stir the whales up from their sleepy behaviour that we have been seeing over the last couple of weeks.



Lots of breaching and tail slapping was coming from all around us. One of the crew counted 11 pods in close proximity.





Eventually the activity surrounding us slowed down and we saw some blows thinking that maybe some of the pods we had been watching had come together.  Looking at my photos now I know that that was not the case. We had actually come across another pod of 4 whales and this pod was in some very heated up, fast moving, aggressive behaviour.


Our first sighting of the pod was when they came to the surface and one whale  was being chased at high speed through the water by 3 of the whales.


At times the whales would lift their heads out of the water, having made themselves look more threatening by taking in water to open up their pleats and make themselves  look meaner and tougher and with all that extra weight in their mouths, they would slam their chins down on the whale in front of them.

I have tried to show some of the action in my photos, so please, take the time to look at them slowly. You will see in some shots where the whale has brought its chin down on another.













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