Whales 2 September, 2009   1 comment

Today started off to be one of the more quieter days that I have experienced on the water.


For 2 hours we followed a pod of two whales that we coming to the surface every 7-10 minutes, breathing and then diving deep again.  I had chosen to sit up on the roof of Spirit today, hoping that we might get a mugging and I would be in a good position to photograph it.

At 11am, Skipper Jason advised everyone that we would have to be turning back soon, so I climbed down from my perch and proceeded to put my cameras away. I then went on downstairs to sign one of my books for a lovely elderly lady. 

What then happened I had predicted when I was back upstairs.  As I looked out the doorway window, the two whales came to the surface right beside the boat. No camera in my hand I could only cheer and wave with delight. The best thing of all was seeing the expression on the elderly lady’s face who was beside me. It absolutely made her day.

Next I could hear cheers and heard that the whales were at the front of the boat. I ran to the front only to discover I was too late.  I stood there for a short while hoping the whales may resurface close by and I would get to enjoy their closeness without my cameras around my neck. No such luck, so I headed to the back of the boat where the stairs are. There I stopped to chat to a lady who was suffering from seasickness and next thing I know, cheering was coming from all over the boat. One of the whales had breeched near the front.

A passenger close to me cried out that she had missed the shot and I told her, “Put your camera up now, the whale will breach again” and sure enough it did.

I then ran up the stairs, trying to get past passengers that were blocking my path. I unzipped my bag and ran with my camera to the side. I captured 9 chin slaps and have no idea our many I missed.



It was an absolutely magical moment after such a quiet morning.

Chin slaps are often a sign of annoyance or aggression.










In this case it was obvious the whales were annoyed by the number of boats that were around them. I think today we came extremely close to witnessing a small boat under attack from a whale. From my photo you will see this boat was overstepping his mark and acting unlawfully. Photos are a great source of evidence.


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  1. Wonderful update! The couple in the small boat were very foolish.

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