Whales 14 August   1 comment

An extremely calm day was had on the water today. We had pods going south and we had pods going north and we had pods trying to sneak by unseen.  But when all eyes are busy panning the ocean surface, looking for any sign of a whale, it is seldom they get past undetected.

While talking to a lady on board Spirit today, I was watching the dead calm water beside the boat and without realizing it, there was a whale swimming alongside the boat just beneath the surface. What a glorious sight it was as I grabbed for my camera with my wide angle lens, never taking my eyes from the magnificent sight.



Aug 140
Aug 141
Aug 148
Aug 149
Aug 1410
Aug 1411
Aug 1412
Aug 1413
Aug 1414
Aug 1415
Aug 1416
Aug 1417
Aug 1418
Aug 1419
Aug 1420
Aug 1421
Aug 1422
Aug 1423
Aug 1424
Aug 1425
Aug 1426
Aug 1427
Aug 1428
Aug 1429
Aug 1430
Aug 1431
Aug 1432
Aug 1433
Aug 1434
Aug 1435
Aug 1436
Aug 1437
Aug 1438
Aug 1439
Aug 1440
Aug 1441


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  1. WOW! Great pics and update.

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