Whales 12 August, 2009   5 comments

A fan-bloody-tastic day was had on the water today.  As we were heading out to deeper waters, we watched one of the whale boats slow down but we couldn’t see a great deal of whale action going on, so we sailed ahead. It wasn’t long till we turned to look behind and we could see the whales had started to breach, so Jason  (skipper) changed course and we headed back to join the other whale boat.


On approach the whales were still breaching, with lots of tail slaps and surface play. It appeared we had a courting couple.



As the morning unfolded, not another whale could be seen for miles but these two became very curious and much to the passengers and my delight, they mugged the boat. This is the expression used when whales become very curious and come very close to the boat, literally within arms length.


In one of my photo’s as the whale rolled over beside the boat, you can see why he rolled over……………………he was taking a look at us. I swear it is looking straight through my lens.


I have always said, I wonder who is watching who!

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5 responses to “Whales 12 August, 2009

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  1. How exiting Sandra…..they where in a good mood.And if they where really curious, does that mean that these were different whales then other days? Because they should know it by now.

  2. Wonderful update and great photos!

  3. It sure was a fan-bloody-tastic day. Awesome pics!!!!!

  4. Onya!

  5. Absolutely love it specially the last one of the whale watching you.

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