Whales 11 August, 2009   3 comments

What is going on with  the whales at present I am not sure. We have the perfect weather and the calmest seas and the whales are not playing the game. They think it is time to sleep and play hide n seek and we want to see some activity.


Today we encountered 4 pods of whales and each of them  were playing hard to get. We went from one pod to the next hoping to find some active whales but that was not to be today.


The one pod we eventually stayed with consisted of two whales. And after a down time of around 12 minutes the whales would resurface, breath, which they have to do of course, then one of the whales and it was the same whale every time, would lift its tail and slap it only once very hard on the surface of the water and then disappear, only to resurface about 12 minutes later and do exactly the same thing. It was a very unusual behaviour.


Aug 110
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Aug 1117

Here’s hoping tomorrow will be more exciting as I am taking a friend out for the morning.


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3 responses to “Whales 11 August, 2009

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  1. Maby they are tired to be unpayed photomodels all the time hahaha…….but then again, you cant be lucky EVERYday

  2. Still, you took some great photos. Thanks for the update.

  3. Luckily you are able to go out several times a week.

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