Whales 5 August, 2009   1 comment

After yesterday I was really hoping for a fantastic day on the water. Well I got that, but not quite how I meant it. Today would have to have been the calmest day I have experienced on the ocean.


Our first pod of 3 whales was not travelling very fast at all. They were rolling around and frolicking on the surface of the water. It was an unusual behaviour and the crews first thoughts were a courting couple but where the third whale came into it, I am not sure.





While we watched the pod of 3, which delighted us with the occasional breach,  another pod heading in a southern direction passed by. I was surprised to see that the whales didn’t even stop to talk or do what whales do, with one another. Unless there was some communicating going on under the water, nothing was visible on the surface.


After some time, more blows could be seen around us so we left the pod of 3 and went off to another pod, this time 2 whales, heading north. They weren’t very impressed about our presence, they gave us a flick with their tail and went on their merry way.


And that was how the day continued. Whales all over the place but none wanting to stop and amuse us. We saw yet another pod travelling in a southern direction, one of the early whales heading home for a feed of krill in Antarctica.

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  1. This last picture is an interesting angle. I really like it.

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