Whales 4 August, 2009   2 comments

A very quiet day on the water today.  Our only encounter was with a cow, her calf and their escort. The calf was very new born, possibly less than a day old and the pod was not going anyway, just swimming around literally in circles. On the odd occasion, the calf would move from its mother but within seconds of noticing the calf’s absence, the escort and mother would swim with incredible speed to be by its side. That was the most action we saw all day.


We all noticed the particularly beautiful fluke that the escort had, it is one to be remembered.



All 3 whale boats ended up in the same spot with the same pod and not another blow could be seen for miles.

Aug 40
Aug 41
Aug 42
Aug 43
Aug 44
Aug 45
Aug 46
Aug 47
Aug 48
Aug 49
Aug 410
Aug 411
Aug 412
Aug 413 


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2 responses to “Whales 4 August, 2009

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful update.

  2. These last 2 shots are beautiful!

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