Whales 1 August, 2009   2 comments

Today’s excitement began just as we left the seaway. We could see some splashing not far ahead and as we approached we found a mum and her calf that appeared to have just learnt how to use it’s tail. 



The 2 were swimming amongst a large pod of dolphins, a beautiful sight.



About 1 mile ahead we had 3 pods that appeared to be going in a southern direction at no great speed. Whether they were heading south or just playing in the beautiful calm waters off the Gold Coast, we don’t know.


Further out we came across 2 pods of whales which were swimming close together. There was a moment of aggression by one of the whales towards another but after that, they kept their distance from one another and Spirit of Gold Coast proceeded to travel north with a pod on either side of her.


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2 responses to “Whales 1 August, 2009

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  1. How thrilling to see the Mom and her calf again. Wonderful update!

  2. I do love dolphins so it\’s nice to see them amongst the whales.

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