Whales 28 July, 2009   2 comments

A great day was had aboard Spirit today. All the school holiday tourists from the southern States have gone home and we are back to the serious whale watchers.

Today was one of those days where blows could be seen all around. Our first sighting for the day, was a Dolphin and her calf, then 300m ahead, the blows started.

We found ourselves later in the morning with a pod of two whales that seemed to be travelling well together. Not far ahead of them, was another pod which we were soon to find out was 1 other whale.

As the two pods came together, we witnessed something that any true whale watcher would have been able to interpret.

We had what appeared to be 2 males and 1 female and a battle for the right to be the females companion unfolded before our eyes. One of the whales would lift his head out of the water and slam it down heavily on the other male, while pushing the whale further away from the female. Eventually the whale that was being pushed away, swam off with his tail between his legs so to speak. Our spotter up in the tower watched the lone whale as we focused our attention on the apparent ‘lovebirds’. Within minutes of swimming away from the male and female, the outcast male, started breaching in what could only be explained as his last chance to get the females attention. He needed to show her that he was the biggest and the strongest.














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2 responses to “Whales 28 July, 2009

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  1. Wonderful update.

  2. That is a stunning photo!!!

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