Whales 26 July, 2009   2 comments

Wow, what a magnificent day on the water it was today. It was one of those days we don’t often get, dead calm and barely a breath of wind.


Under normal circumstances it would have been the perfect day to spot the blow of the whales but today they were proving to be a tad elusive.


Eventually we found a pod of two whales at about 8 nautical miles. They were swimming very fast in a north, west direction. It appeared they were heading in the direction of the 2 whales that had breached off the seaway, in front of another whale boat earlier that morning. We followed beside the pod  and got some great photo’s as one of the whales slapped its tail in a very gentle manor with the skyline of Surfers Paradise in the background. A breach would have made the photo perfect but you can’t make a whale do what it doesn’t want to do.



We left this pod at 4 miles and head back to the seaway.




Once again, on getting home and looking at my photos, I can clearly see that the whale that was doing the tail slapping, had a fishing line hanging from it. The last photo that I took for the day showed that the fishing line was still attached to the whale. I hope by now that the whale has been able to clear himself of the line.


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2 responses to “Whales 26 July, 2009

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  1. Wonderful pics and updates. I do hope the whale was able to free himself from the fishing net.

  2. The photo\’s are beautiful. I also hope the whale will free itself from the fishing line.

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