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The whales were playing very hard to find today. We had 1 whale that was leading us all over the place. One moment it would be in one direction and then next it would be 300m away, heading in a different direction. Maybe it was a female looking  for a companion or maybe it was a female about to calf, or maybe it wasn’t a female at all. Another one of those unanswered questions.

After a while we got very tired of trying to find where this whale was going to come up next, so we left the other whale boats and headed out further to find another pod of whales.

Fortunately we did, as we found a pod of 3 mature whales who were a little curious about the boat and the creatures that were on it. The whales stayed very close to the surface, never  leaving the close proximity of the boat for long. It was one  of those beautiful days where one could see that beautiful iridescent marine colour, that the white parts of the whale make in the water.IMG_9029






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