Whales 22 July, 2009   1 comment

It is just 7 weeks into the whale season now and I am amazed at the amount of cows with very young calves that we are seeing. Every day we are seeing at least one cow and calf and today was no exception. Last year I don’t recall seeing so many calves this early in the season. It was later in September as the whales continue their migration back to Antarctica that we spotted many calves.


On first glance today, we thought we had a lone humpback but it didn’t take long for me to work out there was another little blow that the cow was shielding us from. My  100-400mm lens acts as great binoculars when I need them.


This little calf was having a wonderful time playing while its mother seemed to disappear for long periods. What she was doing, we don’t know but when she wasn’t on the surface, the calf was showing us what it had been learning in it’s first few days into the world. 


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  1. Terrific update!

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