Whales 7 July, 2009   2 comments

The weather has changed unfortunately, making for a cold, windy and rough day on the water.

It took a little longer to find whales today but when we did, we didn’t know if we had one whale or 3. The usual breech in the distance alerted us to the whales and off we went, full steam ahead.


What happened next had all the passengers and crew squealing with delight. One lonesome whale, maybe out of boredom, maybe out of curiosity or maybe trying to find a mate, decided to get close and personal with the boat and all that were on it. This whale kept coming back for more and more as the passengers and crew cheered him on. We watched mesmerized as it swam in front of the boat, literally stopping and looking at the passengers and then proceeded to turn around within 2 meters of the boat and come back for more. This went on and on. It was a sad moment when it showed us its fluke and went on its way to find a real whale mate.



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2 responses to “Whales 7 July, 2009

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  1. Wonderful update.

  2. squealing with delight is exactly how I would have responded, I\’m sure!

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