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What a week it has been aboard Spirit. The days just seemed to get better and better and like always, every day was so different from the previous.

Yesterday morning I went to go out on the boat, but when I got to the jetty and asked how many were on board, I decided that there wasn’t enough room for me to take photo’s so went home.

As my luck would have it, I missed seeing one whale breech 97 times in front of the boat. One of the crew said to me today, that it was as though the whale thought it had to swim vertically all the way to warmer waters.

Today started off with a juvenile whale breeching just on the 3 mile Marine Park boundary.



We stayed with him and another whale for a short time before moving on. Unfortunately there is a lot of people choosing to use their own boats to go out and see the whales and these people either do not know the laws or if they do, are not abiding by them.

The law states a boat must not get closer than 100 meters to any whale and no more than 3 boats viewing at this distance. For Migaloo there is another law and that is a boat cannot get within 500 meters.

After leaving these young whales we headed further out to sea. Breeching could be seen all over the place and on the horizon. Our last stop was with two whales that had been breeching until we reached them. They were swimming north at a fairly fast pace for a humpback, 8 knots and staying very close together.


Without warning the whales stopped and started frolicking in the water. There was some tail lobs, some pec and tail slaps, a lot of rolling on their backs and showing their beautiful white bellies.



Then they disappeared from view under the surface. To those on the boat closest to the water it was hard to see but to those who were higher up on the boat, the whales were visible under the surface of the water and could be clearly seen mating, just meters from the boat.


When they resurfaced there was no movement, just the sound of the two whales breathing and resting.


What a fantastic event to witness another whale in the making. I wonder if we will see this cow and her calf this time next year.

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  1. Wonderful update! Too bad people are using their own boats and not respecting the whales. Is there a Coast Guard or some agency like that that will help enforce the whale watching laws?

  2. Yes there is an authority to protect the whales and they were called out yesterday. Hopefully some heavy fines will have been issued.Sandra

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