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Well it has happened, I have finally met Migaloo the white Humpback whale in the flesh. What started as a slow morning aboard Spirit of Gold Coast, soon turned to cheers and screams of excitement.


After finding our first lone, juvenile whale, breeching 3 miles off the coast, we could not stay with him long as he was within the Moreton Marine Park boundary, where the whale boats cannot stop. After spending 10 minutes with him before he crossed the boundary, we went in search of more blows. One of the crew noticed blows in the distance and as we sailed forward so that we were a little more than 10 nautical miles off Burleigh Heads, the blows became more obvious. Upon approaching the scene we noticed another boat from Tweed Heads already there. Jason our skipper made contact with him and laughed when the skipper from the other boat told us that Migaloo was amongst the 3 pods of whales that we could see. We didn’t believe him. It wasn’t until we saw that white hump rise from the deep in the distance that we realized all our dreams had come true.


Because Migaloo is such a unique whale he has special legislation to protect him from harassment. For this reason vessels are prohibited from approaching Miagloo closer than 500m. With that in mind and the rough ocean conditions, it didn’t make for great photo’s or video unless you were in a helicopter. So for the first time I had to actually put down the camera and watch this magnificent creature.

July 10
July 11
July 12
July 13
July 14
July 15
July 16
July 17
July 18
July 19
July 110
July 111
July 112
July 113
July 114

For some, seeing Migaloo made up for not winning the previous nights $108 million lotto.

Facts about Migaloo:

Migaloo was first seen back in 1991 off Byron Bay in Northern NSW.

Migaloo is aboriginal for “White Fella”.

Migaloo is thought to be an albino but there is no evidence as yet to prove that, so he is known as a “hypo-pihmented” humpback.

In  2004 when Migaloo  breached small pieces of skin fell off him into the water and were collected and analysed for DNA. From this it was confirmed that Migaloo is definitely a male.


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5 responses to “Migaloo the White Whale

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  1. Sandra, brilliant photos and editorial. Well done. Congratulations on finally meeting him!

  2. I can imagine the thrill that ran through everyone when they saw that all that whiteness rise from the ocean. And yes, congratulations on a dream come true!

  3. Hi Sandra I was on the boat yesterday with my 2 grandsons when we saw Migaloo .Its was the best day of our life & they have not stopped talking about it. Thanks to you & the team. Jeanene

  4. Sandra, I am so happy for your find and your kindness in sharing your photos with all of us across the big blue water!

  5. How wonderful for you to actually see Migaloo! Your photo is great!

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