Whales 27 June 2009   Leave a comment

With the sky looking very dark and gloomy  and the ocean  perfectly calm, it didn’t take long to find our first pod of whales.


Once again we were treated to blows and breeching all around. Every time there looked like some activity going on in the distance, skipper would sail faster, but as soon as we got to any half decent distance to get a shot, the whales would decide to stop their aerobic class.


We spent a great deal of time with a pod of 3 whales, although they weren’t doing a great deal, they were spending a lot more time on the surface than they were under it. At times like these, you never know when they will reward you with a breech or two in front of the boat. That didn’t happen on this day, instead we had the pleasure of some very close encounters as the 3 whales passed in front and very close to the boat.


With this pod of three whales there was also a pod of Common Dolphins that at times were so close to the whales, it looked like they were playing or communicating with them and even bringing them in closer to the boat. It made for a morning full of activity.


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