Whales 24 June 2009   1 comment

After a terribly rough trip out to the whales on Monday in bad weather conditions, only to have to turn around because half of the passengers were sea-sick, today was a very welcome trip. I only took one photo on Monday and this was it. Not much of a day as you can see.


Today is my first day out this season where we saw many pods of whales. I remember days like this from last year, where there was blows in all directions and skipper didn’t know which pod to get closer too. It looks like the whales have finally arrived in their numbers.


One of the pods we encountered were behaving as though there was a female amongst them and that the two males of the pod were competing for her attention. They spent a lot of time on the surface, bringing their heads right out of the water and then charging forward.


As always it is a great feeling to watch these gentle giants but even better when you can actually interpret what is going on.

June 240
June 241
June 242
June 243
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June 2410
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  1. Woo Hoo!!! I look forward to many more pics now. 🙂

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