Whales 8 June 2009   3 comments

What a day we had on the water today. It started off with a whale sighting within the first 3 miles off the seaway. This is a designated marine precinct and the whale boats are not allowed to stop in this 3 mile area so we moved on. Further out, one of the other whale boats let us know that they had 5 pods of whales in view. That was about 12 nautical miles off the coast, so full steam ahead we went. Upon reaching the area, we noticed a considerable amount of splashing and blowing going on so we made our way towards it. What we discovered next was a pod of 4 Orcas (Killer Whales)  travelling at an incredible speed. The immediate disappearance of the Humpbacks made us think that the Orcas were after a meal. Skipper Jason tried to keep up with the Orcas so that we could get some good photos and video footage for the tv channel but it was proving to be a very difficult task.

After doing our morning aerobic exercises on the boat, by running from one side to the other trying to catch a glimpse of this amazing sighting, we soon lost sight of the Orcas. Gradually the Humpbacks began to re-appear but with blows coming in all directions it was hard to choose which way to turn our attention. As Murphy’s law would have it, we looked one way and the whales were breeching another.

A great day was had, even if the the photo’s didn’t show it.

June 80
June 81
June 82
June 83
June 84
June 85
June 86
June 87
June 88



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3 responses to “Whales 8 June 2009

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  1. you had a luxery problem there….. not knowing which side to look…..Orca\’s are the most beautifull whales for me.Just great that you saw\\them….maby next time you will have the luck shoot photo\’s of them.

  2. Orca\’s are very exciting to watch, but I hope the calf they were after got away with it\’s Mom.

  3. It must have been very exciting to watch the Orca\’s. I\’m glad you had such a great day Sandra.

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