Whales 6 June 2009   5 comments

It may well be a slow start to the whale season but for those who have observed the whales for many years, we know the whales are out there, it is just sometimes a little harder to find them. A Humpback whale will generally spend about 5 -10 minutes beneath the surface of the water but can spend up to 40 minutes which makes for a lot of down time and can also mean that we pass over some of the whales and miss them entirely. 

June 627
June 628
June 626
June 625
June 624
June 619
June 620
June 621
June 622
June 623
June 60
June 61
June 62
June 63
June 68
June 67
June 66
June 65
June 64
June 69
June 610
June 611
June 612
June 613
June 618
June 617
June 616
June 615
June 614


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5 responses to “Whales 6 June 2009

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  1. Stunning photos! So glad you had a nice day to see them.

  2. hmmm… I have the dreaded red x on this photo but I could see the album. They are beautiful, of course!

  3. Same here Nancy. I also have the red x on the photos in the June 3rd blog.

  4. Thanks Cora and Nancy for letting me know about the red x boxes.I am not doing anything different but Windows live spaces is sure mucking things up for me.My problem now is I honestly don\’t have time to play around and try to fix it.Sandra

  5. Many beautifull photos of the whales ! Fantastic to see them end be able to pfotograhp them !

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