Whales October 28 and 29   1 comment

And so the end of the 2008 whale season comes to a close. I went out a couple of times this week, conditions were picture perfect but the whales have one thing on their mind and that is their stomachs. The sooner they get back to the krill rich waters of Antarctica, the sooner they can eat their fill and build their strength up for next years long journey back past our waters.
Until next winter, have a safe summer.
Don’t forget to check back in June next year. The season begins June 1st.
Oct 280
Oct 281
Oct 282
Oct 283
Oct 284
Oct 285
Oct 286
Oct 287
Oct 288
Oct 289
Oct 290
Oct 291
Oct 292
Oct 293
Oct 294
Oct 295
Oct 296

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