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Today I woke with the feeling we were in for a good whale day and as you will see from my photos mother and calf did not disappoint.  We were only 5 miles off shore when we came upon the two and immediately they started breeching for us. After a heavy aerobic workout, they continued to stay close to the boats for the entire morning.
It is normal for a mother to feed her calf in a vertical postion with her head down and her tail out of the water. This allows for the calf to feed close to the surface and also puts the mother in a better position to keep an eye out for predators. Today had us thinking that maybe cows sometimes feed when they are on the surface, as this cow seemed to spend a lot of time, with her body very flat on the top of the water, not moving, while the calf could not be seen anywhere. The last photo shows the cow laying on the surface in front of one of the whale watching boats and the calf is not present. I am no expert but what we saw today, made us think feeding was going on in one way or another.
For those that don’t know me, this is my last whale entry for 3 weeks. On Wednesday I am jetting off to Tanzania in Africa to photograph wildlife of a different kind. I don’t like thinking about all the whales I am going to miss seeing but I am sure there will still be whales passing our shores when I return.
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