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After a couple of days of no whale watching due to rough and windy conditions, it was great to get out on Spirit of Gold Coast again. As we headed out the Seaway, the Osprey that I so often see, was on his normal beacon. 4 miles off the coast we came across a cow, her calf and their escort. We stayed with them the entire morning and while to some it was a quiet morning, to others like myself, it was wonderful to be able to follow this happy trio. They were motoring south at a speed I wouldn’t have thought possible for a calf but it kept up with mum and often took the lead. A couple of times they came very close to the boat but they weren’t worrying about us and never bothered to put their heads up to check us out.
Being able to watch this young whale with its mother and their escort is such an priveledge. As skipper Jason turned the boat to head back to shore, I put my camera to my eye and focused on the spot where the whales were. As so often happens, I got rewarded with a big tail slap. I am sure it is there way of saying goodbye.
Sept 260
Sept 261
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