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North of the Seaway, the whales were struggling to wake up today, so after making contact with the other whale boats we headed in a southerly direction where the whales were putting on a show. There was lots of tail slapping and general play on the surface as the whales moved between all 4 boats. An occassional breech sent the crowd into screams of delight. As we turned to take our leave, one whale launched himself right out of the water, in a gesture that had to mean goodbye. At the same time in front on the boat about 200 meters away, another whale launched itself out of the water. So many whales to see in all directions.
Sept 220
Sept 221
Sept 222
Sept 223
Sept 224
Sept 225
Sept 226
Sept 227
Sept 228
Sept 229
Sept 2210
Sept 2211
Sept 2212
Sept 2213
Sept 2214
Sept 2215
Sept 2216
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Sept 2219
Sept 2220
Sept 2221
Sept 2222
Sept 2223

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