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Wow, what a morning we had. Who would ever think you could see so many whales in one  day. Our skipper Jason was fighting a loosing battle trying to stay with one pod of whales. What we thought was one pod of whales, turned into many pods and it looked like there was some fierce competition going on. Everytime a pod showed up on one side of the boat, another would appear on the other side. There was moments when we thought they had turned and were going in another direction and that was when we realized we were dealing with many whales. We seemed to be going around in circles for the entire morning. In one count there was 10 whales. Whether there was 1 female amongst 9 males we will never know but the speed that some of these whales where surfacing and re-entering the water at was phenominal. At one point there was two whales at the front of the boat, with another two approaching only 20 meters away. One of the whales lifted his tail and slapped it firmly on the top of the water, it was clearly a display to the other whales not to come any closer. While we wait patiently on the boat for the whales to re-surface, it always has me thinking, “What is going on beneath us, what are we missing?”
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  1. Whale watch is amazing, but I haven\’t got a chance to do so. Hope I can see a real whale some day, BTW, I live in Brisbane.

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