Whales September 15   Leave a comment

Today brought the start of a new week and I have a good feeling about his week. Calves and cows have to be appearing soon but even though we didn’t see any today, we did see lots of whales. We centered our attention around a pod of 6 whales that were enjoying having a break in the Gold Coast waters. As you will see from my photos there was lots of pec slapping and white bellies. Whales could be seen in all directions and as we headed back to the seaway, even more were spotted.
Something I find very interesting is that it is extremely common to see the same behaviour by diffferent pods on the same day. Maybe it have something to do with the weather or ocean conditions.
Sept 150
Sept 151
Sept 152
Sept 153
Sept 154
Sept 155
Sept 156
Sept 157
Sept 158
Sept 159
Sept 1510
Sept 1511
Sept 1512
Sept 1513
Sept 1514
Sept 1515
Sept 1516
Sept 1517
Sept 1518
Sept 1519
Sept 1520
Sept 1521
Sept 1522
Sept 1523
Sept 1524
Sept 1525
Sept 1526
Sept 1527
Sept 1528
Sept 1529
Sept 1530
Sept 1531
Sept 1532
Sept 1533
Sept 1534
Sept 1535
Sept 1536

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