Whales September 8   1 comment

Lots of whales today, blows in different directions and whales going around in circles. Gary up in the tower first spotted 5 blows about a mile in the distance, so that was where we headed and before we even got there, the action had started. Spectacular breaches and lots of fins and tails being displayed on the surface. Once these whales disappeared, another couple appeared and they too put on a similar performance. While the other whale boats were having a quiet day, Spirit was getting all the action as always. As we left our last whale for the morning, we turned to the rear of the boat to see the whale lift his entire body out of the water, maybe his way of saying goodbye.
Sept 80
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  1. Hi Sandra, here I am, back on the Windows Live spaces.. Beautiful your newest photo\’s of te whales!! Thank you for your nice message at my space site. We just left hard times, on friday we had the funeral off our fahter (in law). Now we are busy "to empty" and clean, removing the funeture and else of his house, thats also hard / rather difficult to do. But, you know as well, that\’s the hardsite off life.
    greatings, bye, bye,
    Lourens from Holland

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