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Today was one of those rare, completely calm days at sea and fortunately it was, because we had to travel half way to New Zealand to find some whales that wanted to play. Okay, so that is a slight exaggeration, we only had to travel 14 miles but it is the closest I have ever been to a container ship.
The whales were very elusive today, not much surface play was happening so it was making it difficult to spot them. When we eventually found a pod of 2 that wanted to entertain, those on Spirit were unduly impressed.
It was a first for me watching a whale roll onto it’s back bringing both fins up, into a near clap. As the whale rolled back over, the last pectoral fin to come down, hit the surface with a big splash, this is commonly known as ‘pec slapping’. Absolutely spectacular to watch. Lots of flukes were seen as was tail slapping.
The passengers I spoke to on board Spirit were over the moon with what we encountered today.
All thanks must go to the crew for good spotting on a difficult day.
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