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Today,there was an abundance of whales. The first whale I spotted was breeching a couple of miles off the Seaway. Too close to the shore to stop we headed in the direction of a couple of other blows. Upon reaching the area where we had spotted the whales taking a dive, we waited patiently, looking all around the boat, for their presence on the surface again. What we didn’t expect was one whale to come up right beside the boat. He was so close, that we couldn’t see water between him and the boat. I am sure he must have been  removing the barnacles from his body by rubbing against and under Spirit. A lady on board offered the idea that maybe he thought we were another whale. What-ever it was, we were very happy to share our space with him as he swam under, beside, in front and behind, keeping an eye on us as he would bring his head up out of the water in what is called a ‘spy hop’.
Another day that I have to put up there with the best. There seem to be plenty of them these days.
Aug 280
Aug 281
Aug 282
Aug 283
Aug 284
Aug 285
Aug 286
Aug 287
Aug 288
Aug 289
Aug 2810
Aug 2811
Aug 2812
Aug 2813
Aug 2814
Aug 2815
Aug 2816
Aug 2817
Aug 2818
Aug 2819
Aug 2820
Aug 2821
Aug 2822
Aug 2823
Aug 2824
Aug 2825  

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