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What we witnessed aboard Spirit of Gold Coast today, was something so rare and so special. The day will remain in the hearts of Spirit’s passengers forever.
It started off with a breech in the distance and as we got closer, a couple of blows. What then happened was something no-one could have predicted. We found ourselves amongst 4 whales that were totally mesmerized by ‘us’ and our vessel. In whale talk, Spirit of Gold Coast was being ‘mugged’ by 4 whales with a 5th whale joining the pod late in the performance. The whales seemed to be very curious about what was aboard this floating vessel and responded even more when cheered on by the passengers.
The whales would pop there heads out of the water within arms length of the boat, this is commonly known as ‘spy hopping’ and not just for a few seconds but for minutes at a time, would watch us as though they were checking us out. Not us, checking them out.
Maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe we are there for the whales entertainment not the other way round.
Whoever was entertaining whoever, I am certainly pleased I was aboard Spirit on this extremely memorable day.
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