Whales and Dolphins August 25, 2008   Leave a comment

The mornings are getting warmer now so boarding Spirit of Gold Coast came easily today. Unfortunately the sea conditions were fairly rough, so I popped a seasick pill and braced myself for the big swell. We didn’t have to go very far today to get our first sighting and we ended up staying with this young whale until he got too close to shore that we had to back off. The law states we much be 3 miles off shore to be able to slow down and whale watch.
This young whale was heading north and was strikingly different from other whales I have seen. On first sighting, we noticed he had an entire black fluke, which is not something commonly seen on whales in the Southern Hemisphere. After watching 4 spectacular breeches and not managing to photograph any of them, the whale rolled over not far from the boat and showed us that not only did he have a black fluke, he also had a black belly, which can be seen in my photos. This leads me to the question, has this young whale come from the northern hemisphere, where the humpback whales have black bellies and predominantly black flukes? Something I will have to ask the Marine Biologist, Jennifer Prereau the next time I see  her.
Upon leaving this whale who was now beyond how watching limits, we headed north to discover a very large pod of Common dolphins. What a show they put on.
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