Whales August 20, 2008   Leave a comment

Today on board Spirit of Gold Coast, it felt like we were being tormented by two whales. It didn’t take long to come across these two whales but the entire encounter with them felt like they were playing cat and mouse with us right up till we had to return to the Seaway. Everytime we saw the whales come to the surface, we would pick up speed to catch up with them and as soon as we had reached them, they would literally stop in their path, come to the surface a few times with big blows and then disappear from sight. Five minutes later they would surface again heading in a southerly direction. Once we had caught up with them again, they would do exactly what they had done previously. This went on for some time, no surface play but lots of getting very close to the boat. Eventually when it was time for us to turn around and head back to shore, one of the whales decided to give us a tail flapping performance and what a show it was. This wouldn’t be the first time that whales have left it till the last minute to actually show us that they know we are present. It makes the morning so worth while.
A little piece of trivia that I learnt while out on Spirit today is that a whales penis is called a ‘dork’.
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