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Monday was an interesting day aboard Spirit of Gold Coast. We followed two whales with lots of white markings on their humps, heading south. As we made our way south we came upon 2 whales heading in what looked like a northerly direction. These two whales had predominantly black humps. While watching the two whales with the black humps at the back of the boat, one of the other whales with the white markings came fully out of the water in a display of possible dominance. The next thing he puts his head and chin up through the surface of the water, and splashes his chin down with such great force, this is called a chin slap. The two whales with the black humps did not hang around, maybe it was a warning from the other whale that he had a lady with him and she was his. Nobody knows for sure. The two black humped whales after being frightened off going in a northerly direction, soon turned tail and headed south. The two whales with the white markings were now heading in a northerly direction which seemed very strange as we had followed them south for a number of miles. Within 5 minutes of the other whales turning south, so did the two with the white markings. That made 4 whales heading south and then to top it off as we were heading back to shore, another couple of whales showed their presence also in a southerly direction.
The whales may not be particularly active at present but they are out there, in their numbers and to get them swimming so close to the boat, leaves everyone in awe of these magnificent creatures of the deep.
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