Whales August 14 and 15, 2008   Leave a comment

My last two mornings out on Spirit of Gold Coast have definitely been different from other trips. The whales some to have one thing on their minds and that is to get as far north as possible in a hurry.
Yesterday we had to travel 10 miles south before we came across a pod and we were fortunate that they spared a few moments with us, coming close to the boat. Other whale watching boats travelled even futher out than us but were also rewarded for their efforts. Conditions on the water were perfect.
Today was very different, we only had to travel out 3.6 miles but the whales weren’t stopping for no-one. The wind was howling, it was bitterly cold and we pushed into the wind to try and keep up with them in their northerly direction. All 4 whale watching boats that were out this morning, stayed in the same area. We all had our own pods to follow, all going in the same direction at the same speed. Ten minutes out from returning to the Seaway, the whales decided to cross our path, bringing them very close to the boat. We counted 4 whales in this pod and there was definitely some competition going on, most probably 3 males and 1 female. I wonder which male won the right to be escort for the rest of the journey.
Aug 140
Aug 141
Aug 142
Aug 143
Aug 144
Aug 145
Aug 146
Aug 147
Aug 148
Aug 149
Aug 1410
Aug 1411
Aug 1412
Aug 1413
Aug 1414
Aug 1415
Aug 1416
Aug 1417
Aug 1418
Aug 1419
Aug 1420
Aug 1421
Aug 1422
Aug 1423

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