Whales 8th August   Leave a comment

Today on Spirit of Gold Coast we had a whale encounter like no other. For 45 minutes we were entertained or maybe it was the whales that were entertained, with uninterrupted surface play within arms length of the boat. We had spy hopping, pectoral slapping, tail slapping and some beautiful displays of brilliant white bellies. For me, it was like the times I have encountered leopards in Africa. My legs went like jelly, I trembled with excitement and tears came to my eyes, as I watched and tried to photograph these majestic, gentle, giants of the sea. For those on board it certainly was a day never to be forgotten.

 IMG_1444_demo  IMG_1427_demo  IMG_1414_demo  IMG_1411_demo  IMG_1380_demo  IMG_1365_demo  IMG_1351_demo  IMG_1342_demo  IMG_1328_demo  IMG_1326_demo  IMG_1316_demo  IMG_1305_demo  IMG_1294_demo  IMG_1275_demo  IMG_1273_demo  IMG_1252_demo  IMG_0921_demo  IMG_0918_demo  IMG_0916_demo  IMG_0915_demo  IMG_0914_demo  IMG_0913_demo  IMG_0912_demo  IMG_0907_demo  IMG_0902_demo  IMG_0895_demo  IMG_0886_demo  IMG_0869_demo    IMG_0866_demo IMG_0837_demo  IMG_0835_demo  IMG_0832_demo  IMG_0830_demo  IMG_0829_demo  IMG_0824_demo  IMG_0812_demo

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