Whales putting on a grand performance, 1st August   Leave a comment

An absolutely fantastic day was had whale watching today. The temperature was up, the winds were strong and the whales were putting on a performance. When we first spotted the whales this morning, we had a tough decision to make, the blow from the whales could be seen in all directions, eventually the captain made the choice and boy did he choose well. There was 4 whales in the pod we stayed with for the morning and they were moving at a fast speed north, but with all the performing going on, 1 of the whales started to tire and began to lag behind. That didn’t stop him from doing lots of chin slaps and breeches. Believe me when I say that I didn’t capture half of the action that was going on. There was so much happening, I didn’t know where to point my camera. At one stage the whale that had lagged behind was right beside our boat, haha, not the side I was on unfortunately. As always, our time to return came all to quicky.
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