Whales 22 July 2008   Leave a comment

Today when I woke, I could see the sun was trying to make an appearance and after listening to the weather forecast for the week, I knew this was going to be the only day that would be any good to go and see the whales. So off I went aboard the Spirit of Gold Coast in search of whales. The conditions weren’t the most perfect, the sea was choppy with lots of white caps and the wind was up, making it very hard to see the blow from the whales, this of course being the easiest way to find a whale, unless of course it breeches and makes a tremendous splash. It took some time to find them today but when we did, we found 2 pods both with 3 whales in each. Neither pod was putting on a great show unfortunately and tended to stay close to the surface, swimming north at a fast rate. With whale watching you can never be too sure what you are going to see and if you are going to see anything for that matter. No 2 days are the same but any sort of sighting makes it worthwhile.
On the way back throught the seaway, a bird that I thought initially was an Osprey caught my eye. It was a juvenile White-bellied Sea eagle. What a sighting!


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